Carroll Gaseous Intercooling™ Systems are unique, highly refined water/alcohol injection systems. Water injection may be used in conjunction with any induction system (normally aspirated or blown) to obtain superior engine performance and safety. The primary function of any water injection system is to cool the compressed intake charge and slow down the "burn" rate of fuel, thereby allowing more spark advance while suppressing detonation: hence the term Gaseous Intercooling™. Carroll Gaseous Intercooling™ Systems may be used in conjunction with BlowerWorks as well as other manufacturers' super and turbocharger systems. A Carroll Gaseous Intercooling™ System is often used in conjunction with and/or to replace bulky air-to-air intercoolers. Gaseous Intercooling™ through evaporative cooling and phase state changes causes the compressed air temperature to be reduced by, on average, 100°F.